Our three primary objectives:

  • A high quality audio and video experience for the User
  • Put everything in one place with instructions so it is easy for the event creator to setup and execute on the day of the event.
  • Finally, we handle" all of the other stuff Emails, reminders, payment systems, SEO to facilitate an ongoing relationship between the community of users.

We accomplish this through Users, Live Events and Community.  



Local Groups and Events are great for sharing information, meeting others and connecting. What if the members don't live around the corner?  What if they live around the US or the world? What if the presenter didn't have to "fly in" for the presentation?  Even Better, Faster, Cheaper? We think so.  But there's more... now niche topics, new software/techniques and different levels of expertise should be much easier to address.  



Live Events

 The events are live.  Simply meaning you're hearing the presentation as it is made.  Seeing the action as it is taking place.  You are part of the experience, as it happens.  Events can be as simple as using your laptop webcam and screen sharing your presentation or use a video camera to take in the complete picture - roundtable discussion or several presenters.   You will find everything you need here with instructions, free software and data specific to your event at the date and time.  We've worked to make it as simple as possible.  What if the attendees want to ask questions?  We have a chat window for that.  



Well, if I have a group there must be a lot of work - finding users, creating events and keeping everyone informed about events and generally what is going on.  Actually, we handled most of that too.  Emails to Group Leaders and users keeps everyone informed.  Also, when users come to the site they will see reminders of upcoming events and events they plan to attend. We can't do everything, though, you have to make arrangements for the events - speaker, topics, etc.  


Well, SEO would be nice.  Yes, we know.  We are working on that too.   


Getting started is easy.  Join the site and look around.  Create a group if you'd like.  Of course, you can invite your friends to join the site, as well.  Also, click on each of the icons to find a little more detailed information.

We look forward to serving this community.

Live Events Community