Our three primary objectives:

  • Use high quality audio and video so the User experience is the same as "being there". 
  • Put everything in one place with instructions so it is easy for the event creator to setup and execute on the day of the event.
  • Finally, we handle" all of the other stuff Emails, reminders, payment systems, SEO to facilitate an ongoing relationship between the community of users.

We accomplish this through Users, Live Events and Community.  



 Currently, Users meet and network locally at an event arranged by their Group.   Here the events are virtual so Users can connect worldwide.  Groups can be created by users or companies from anywhere that are looking to connect more directly with Users.   This makes it possible for you to indulge your interests, get questions answered and improve your understanding.  If you've attended events and met international constiuents, this will offer a new avenue to interact and network with them. Using the Profile and Friends menu choices, you can establish and maintain relationships with those in your field. 



Live EventsThe events are live.  Simply meaning you're hearing the presentation as it is made.  Seeing the action as it is taking place.  You are part of the experience, as it happens.  Sharing an event can be as simple as using your laptop webcam to conduct your presentation.  A video camera can allow you to show the complete picture - presenter, presentation screen, users with questions, etc.   You will find everything you need here with instructions, free software and data specific to your event at the date and time. We've worked to make it as simple as possible.  What if the attendees want to ask questions?  We have a chat window for that.  





This community is focused on Software. Companies, several users or individuals can create a group for a product, language, tool or even equipment that the community might be interested in.  Groups can originate events from anywhere.  Organizing a group can be difficult.  Speakers, locations, enough local interest and any number of other issues make it difficult to create a group.  These issues are easier to address in a virutal environment.  We make it easy because we provide quality services and all the services necessary to make your event a success.  If we have missed something, please let us know.   


SEO is important to the success of groups and events.  We update the sitemap whenever a group or event is created.  This keeps the search engines informed of your activities.   


Getting started is easy.  Join the site and look around.  Create a group if you'd like and hold your first event and we can help (special offer).  Of course, you can invite your friends to join the site, as well.  Also, click on each of the icons to find a little more detailed information.

We look forward to serving this community.

Live Events Community